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Careers Information for Students

Careers information for students

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I need information about university and student finance

This is a vast area, full of information...and misinformation! Here is your Careers Advisers' selection of reliable websites that we think are particularly helpful. Do let us know about any websites you feel should also be here!

As always, if you need help, reach out to your Careers Adviser!


Choosing a subject at university

Hopefully, by meeting different employers and representatives from universities, apprenticeships and other programmes, you have realised that life is rarely a straight  line!  However, it is still really helpful to understand the implications of our subject choices, be it in terms of accessing a particular profession, or understanding the skills and knowledge that you would gain.

UCAS Subject Guides give in-depth information about typical course content, linked degrees and possible career, apprenticeship and further study outcomes.

UCAS Subject Guides 



Prospects 'What Can I Do With My Degree' outlines careers directly linked to different degrees, and careers where a particular degree may be an asset. Typical salary information is included.


Prospects - What Can I Do With My Degree? 

Informed Choices is a website sponsored by the Russell Group of universities. It is particularly useful in 1/ explaining the link between your post-16 choices and different university subjects, and 2/ showing the different degree subjects people doing your current post-16 subjects successfully applied for.


Informed Choices 



Choosing universities

Choosing a university can be a minefield of negotiating university reputation (even sometimes stigma!) against the realities of what is offered in a particular institution! Make sure you spread your net wide in your early stages of research, and make sure you attend any university fairs or visits the school is offering.

Do not be one of those people who spend more time choosing a pair of trainers than a university where you will usually spend at least 3 years! Visiting universities in person is essential. Although there are online campus tours, these really should be for 'pre-selection' only. Although the transport costs of university visits can be off-putting, think of them as a wise investment and a means of heading off a costly mistake.

University Open Days 


League tables can be useful to generate names of particular universities associated with different subjects. You can of course use league tables for a global list of 'best universities' but this may not take into account your subject, grades and personal preferences. The Complete University Guide allows you to filter according to subject, location, student satisfaction, graduate prospects and research quality, depending on your priorities.

Complete University Guide League Tables and Subject Rankings 


Uni Select is a bit of fun, which may generate some new ideas for you by creating university selections on the basis of a broader range of criteria, e.g. clubs and societies and sporting interests - have a go!

Uni Select 




Comparing universities to create your shortlist or final choice

You will need to narrow your university shortlist down to 5 for your UCAS application, then further down to 2, your 'Firm' and 'Insurance' choices. Research will really pay off in getting the best value and experience from university!

Course (look at the universities' own course pages)


Performance Location and cost (look at the universities' own Virtual Tour and Accommodation pages) Unique features (look at the universities' own course pages)
  • MODULES. Look at the individual modules offered in the course. Do they interest you? Some courses will be very similar in each university (e.g. Nursing) whereas others may be wildly different (e.g. History). Research is key! Modules may change year on year, but it should give you a general idea.
  • CONTACT HOURS. Look at the number of contact hours at each of the universities - how would you get on with more independent study, for example?
  • ASSESSMENT. Look at how the course is assessed - do you prefer coursework, exams or practical projects?
  • ACCREDITATION. Is the course accredited? For some professions (e.g. Law, Psychology) this is essential!

Universities are obliged to collect information via student surveys. You can find all of this information on the Discover Uni website. The information includes:

  • STUDENT SATISFACTION regarding teaching, learning opportunities, assessment and feedback, academic support, organisation and management, learning resources, student voice, mental wellbeing and freedom of expression.


Discover Uni 


  • CITY VS CAMPUS. Is the university in a city, the countryside or a smaller town? Is it a 'campus' university? Which would you prefer as a person?
  • LOCATION. Where is the university in the country? How far away are you comfortable being from family?
  • TRANSPORT. How much does the transport cost in relation to how often you want to come home?
  • ACCOMMODATION. How much does the accommodation cost?

    The Trainline

    National Express Coaches

    Megabus coaches 




  • INDUSTRY PLACEMENTS. Does your course have placement options? This could improve your graduate salary by 10-15%, according to Advancing Access!
  • YEAR ABROAD. Does your course have a study abroad option? Again, this could give you a 'plus' in the job market.
  • INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDY. Does your course allow you to choose modules from other degree courses?
  • USPS. Does your course have particular facilities, field trips or industry contacts which set it apart?

Making your application

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Student finance

University is expensive, so once you have ensured that you have applied for a good degree which will be worth your money, you need to apply for student finance and think about how to budget wisely. Here are some good sources of information, do read them carefully!

2023-2024 update: student finance can be particularly challenging for devout Muslim students, who are reluctant to take an interesting-bearing loan. Most students in this situation try to take tuition fees only, as these go directly to the university and are not held by you. However, there is good news! From 2025 a new, interest-free, student loan will be available. We will update you as soon as we know what this will look like!

A complete overview of Student Finance.

UCAS Student Finance Hub 

More information about student finance, and where to apply!

The official Student Finance website

Many students are not aware that other, non-repayable, sources of finance can be available.

Each university has its own selection (type grants, bursaries or scholarships into the university's website and see what comes up!

There are also bursaries available for many NHS-related degrees.

Student bursaries, scholarships and other financial support

NHS Bursaries 

Lots of expert information about how to make the best financial choices, from student bank accounts and travel to mobile phone deals!

Money Saving Expert - Students 


Great ideas for making and saving money during your student years.

Save the Student 

If you have a long-term health, or mental health condition or a specific learning difficulty, such as dyslexia, you may be eligible for the Disabled Students Allowance, or DSA. Most neurodiverse conditions are covered. 

Disabled Students Allowance 

Disabled Students Allowance - Eligibility

Preparing for university


I need information about apprenticeships

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I need information about T levels and other post-16 options 

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I need information about where my subjects can lead

Careerpilot : Adviser Zone : Introducing site to parents/teachers : How to  tell students and parents/carers about free access to Careerpilot and the  Careerpilot Parent Zone

Choosing your GCSE options? Find out where your choices could lead!


Career Pilot

Russell Group publishes fifth informed choices guide

Choosing your A levels? Find out where your choices could lead!




Informed Choices


prospects-logo - The LaunchPad Blog

Choosing your undergraduate degree? Find out where your choices could lead!



Prospects What can I do with my Degree?

 I need information about different careers and career areas

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More than 60,000 students sign up for Discover! Creative Careers Week -  British Cinematographer


Discover Creative Careers

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Historical Association - The voice for history Careers in History
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LCN — University of Bristol Law ClubThe Lawyer Portal - University of Exeter

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The Engineer Engineering - A Beginner's Guide
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Careers in Social Care

 I need information about which jobs and skills are in demand on the labour market now and in future

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I need to develop my skills, extra-curricular and supercurricular activities

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