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"The school's values of tolerance, respect and compassion permeate throughout the curriculum."

Ofsted 2016

"Pupils thrive academically, spiritually, socially and emotionally."

Ofsted 2016

"Staff and the pupils are rightfully proud of the beautiful and large school site."

Ofsted 2016

"Both pupils and their teachers have high aspirations for their achievements, both culturally and academically."

Ofsted 2016

Drama Productions

Aims of the Drama department

"The main factor in any form of creativeness is the life of a human spirit, that of the actor and his part, their joint feelings and subconscious creation."

Konstantin Stanislavsky

 At LSU we aim to increase the confidence, coordination and concentration of the girls and inspire gifted and talented students.

We want to help students learn to:

•      Explore various drama techniques and genres

  • Be creative and imaginative when working
  • Concentrate on using language, gesture, tone of voice, movement and space
  • Perform and speak in public with clarity and confidence
  • Hone their performance techniques whilst using a variety of plays, poems, novels and other stimuli
  •  Evaluate and respond to their own work and the work of others both verbally and in their written work
  • Involve themselves in extra-curricular activities such as drama clubs and school plays
  • Be creative and imaginative when working

 Wider study and enrichment in Drama

There are many opportunities in Drama for all the girls right the way through the school, from joining drama clubs to performing in professional theatre spaces. We have strong links and work with outside theatres such as the Hampstead Theatre and The Royal Court. We also work closely with the practitioners at RADA.

The Crucible (12 images)

Stills from the dress rehearsal of the school production of the Crucible by Arthur Miller.

Created: 20 Sep 17 13:50 | Last modified: 12 Oct 17 14:04

Midsummer Nights Dream (6 images)

Stills from the dress rehearsal of LSU's production of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream

Created: 22 Sep 12 16:11 | Last modified: 12 Oct 17 10:00

Les Miserables 2015 (37 images)

Created: 5 Mar 15 10:38 | Last modified: 12 Oct 17 09:58

The Sound of Music (8 images)

Dressed rehearsals stills from the production of 'The Sound of Music'.

Created: 2 Jul 12 12:53 | Last modified: 2 Jul 12 12:55




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