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Outstanding 2018 GCSE results at La Sainte Union School

Despite being the first set of results following significant changes in specifications and ways of marking and grading, we are absolutely delighted with the very impressive GCSE results achieved by our Year 11 students.

We had phenomenal achievements across the board and this will ensure that students are now able to access their chosen post 16 pathways.


  • 80.5% of students achieved a standard pass in 5 or more subjects including English and maths, opening up a wide range of opportunities post-16
  • 81.6% of students achieved 9-4 in both English and mathematics, with 92% 9-4 in English and 82% 9-4 in mathematics. These grades are vital for many post-16 options.
  • 95% of all Religious Studies grades were 9-4, with 65% of students achieving grades 9-7 (A*-A)
  • 23% of all mathematics grades were 9-7 (A*-A)
  • 24% of all English Language grades were 9-7 (A*-A)


Our students worked especially hard to achieve top grades:

  • 101 students achieved a grade 9 in the new GCSE
  • 29% of all results across all subjects were graded at the highest level - A*-A or 9-7   
  • 53% of all results were A* - B or 9-6 grades, reflecting the ambition and high aspirations of our students


La Sainte Union offers a traditional curriculum:

  • Of the students who took triple science: 96% achieved 9-4 in biology and in chemistry, and 90% achieved 9-4 in physics
  • Students who took combined science achieved 77% 9-4
  • All students study a language to GCSE. In French, 60% of all results were at 9-4 and in Spanish 75% were at 9-4


In option subjects the following 9-4 percentages were achieved:


Geography 94%
History 84%
Art 88%
Drama 95%
Music 75%

We are delighted with these results which reflect the strong work ethic which exists throughout the school. Year 11 worked hard and the excellent teaching staff supported them exceptionally well. Thank you to all who have supported them in achieving these great results: their subject teachers, the pastoral team, the support staff, and the valuable support from home.

La Sainte Union has proved once again that this is a school in which all students can thrive and achieve their very best.