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Healthy Eating


Food Policy

It is part of our responsibility, as a school, to help our pupils learn how to eat healthily. We believe we should reinforce what pupils are learning in the classroom about healthy eating (in Personal, Social and Health Education, Food Technology and Science) in relation to the food we provide at school as well. As you know, eating healthily can positively affect behaviour in the classroom and also reduce the risk of obesity and related health problems in young people.

Our healthy living message was reinforced most recently last term by Keighley Hylton, Camden and Islington NHS Healthy Lifestyles Outreach Practitioner when she gave presentations to all year groups. She explained how a good diet and sufficient exercise can lead to reduced cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, reduced visceral fat and reduced risk of insulin sensitivity, as well as promoting a sense of mental well being.

We have been working with the school caterers, Harrisons, for many years to ensure that the food sold in the canteen is healthy and balanced and believe that it is now time to ensure that all pupils bring only healthy food to school.


Food brought into school

Please would you ensure your daughter has a balanced lunch with vegetables, fruit, carbohydrate and protein (e.g. sandwiches, pasta salad). She should also bring in only water, fruit juice, plain milk or fruit juice with water. We are working towards permitting only water at school and will let you know when we feel pupils are ready for this. A small treat in her lunch box is acceptable but please ensure your daughter does not bring in large packets of crisps, cakes, biscuits or sweets. Please do not send in cakes for birthdays or other celebrations.


Concerns about weight management

Mytime Active are running a group programme called MEND 7-13 and MEND Teens (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition...Do it!). Their Specialist Dietitian (Community and Child Weight Management) will engage young people in fun activities to help them to develop healthy eating and exercise habits. For more information, visit their website here. If you are interested, please call Ana Ramos, Lead Specialist Dietitian Adolescents & Child Weight Management Specialist Dietitian, MEND programme:

0208 323 1725.

Keighley Hylton, NHS Healthy Lifestyles Outreach Practitioner, can help identify your child’s specific needs to help her reach a healthy weight, do more exercise and eat healthier food. She offers 1:1 appointments in school with children concerned about their weight and can also do home visits to help support families. To make an appointment or for an informal chat contact her as follows:, 020 3317 2304 or 07771 345 283. Her address is: Hunter Street Health Centre, 8 Hunter Street, London, WC1N 1BN.

Your full commitment to our Food Policy is necessary if we are to work together for the greater well-being of the young people in our care.