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Aiming high at UCL

On Wednesday 9th November, 16 students from year 12 and year 13 attended a trip to University College London. These students are all studying for the prestigious Extended Project Qualification. This is an extra qualification available in the sixth form and worth half an A Level, which allows students to develop the crucial skills of academic research, independent work and extended writing that are so valued by top universities.

Some comments from the students who attended:

We got a great guided tour of the campus, lots of information about courses offered, and even personal student experiences that we all found very helpful throughout the day.



I found the discussions very interesting, as I felt that they caused me to really open my mind to all the possible answers and allowed me to understand more about social sciences especially since I am studying them right now. Also when the UCL students talked about their journey from secondary to uni, I felt it was very relatable and helped me understand uni life much more.



 I found it interesting to experience all aspects of the university life. This day was very eye opening for me.



 Overall, I genuinely really enjoyed the trip. The student ambassadors were extremely knowledgeable and gave us such in depth tours of the university campus. The trip helped me understand more about the university environment and made me feel encouraged to attend university in the future.