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Greek Theatre in the open air

On Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd, over 40 students performed in our beautiful grounds, while their parents and carers enjoyed a picnic.

The production, led by the faculty of the creative arts, included the drama and music departments, as well as the classics department. Students played classic roles from the plays Oedipus Rex, Antigone, Lysistrata, Medea and The Frogs.

Ms Ball and Ms O’Keefe were extremely proud of every performer, who learnt about the origins of theatre and performed outside, as the actors of the time would have done. It brought the youngest students from year 7, right through to the sixth form together, interacting in a variety of comedies and tragedies. The acting was enhanced by a saxophonist and a group of percussionists, composed by Ms Harris and year 9 students.

Gabriella in year 7 commented;

Being involved of the process of our school play has been an amazing experience, to see the way it grows over the weeks. It is always a safe space to try something new. The cast are so kind and the teachers very understanding and push you to be your best self.


Ewoma, also in year 7 said;

Being involved in this Greek play and making connections to the modern world is so interesting.

Ms O’Keefe, Ms Ball, Ms Harris and Mrs Juckes would like to thank all the students, parents and staff who supported the production.

Greek Theatre open air production June 2023