La Sainte Union Catholic School

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Year 12 Retreat Day

Fr Lawrence OP welcomed our Year 12s to this historic Catholic church and Diocesan Shrine served by the Dominican Friars. Our students had a tour of the Shrine, the first in the world with distinct altars and chapels for every mystery of the Rosary. They learned about the origin of the rosary and prayed a decade in honour of the Feast of the Ascension.

Fr Toby Lees OP, the new priest director of Radio Maria England led our students into the studio. They learned how to operate the mobile studio and met local volunteers. They shared their passion and the programme they would love to air on Radio Maria.

Gardens and green spaces have a long and connected history to science and medicine. For centuries, gardens have been a source not only of food but also of remedies to treat common ailments. Some of these, such as St John’s wort for depression and willow for headaches have been embraced by modern science.

As gardens and green spaces are associated with better physical, social and mental health (Gray, 2016), we ended the day with a tour of the Priory’s garden and fed our body and soul with a packed lunch and a spiritual discussion at Hampstead Heath.

Y12 Retreat Day May 2023