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"The quality of relationships among students, and with staff, is exceptionally good."

Ofsted 2010

"Students have an excellent feeling for what is right and wrong as a result of the school's Christian ethos."

Ofsted 2010

"Attendance is high and students display a strong commitment to hard work."

Ofsted 2010

"Students feel extremely safe and entirely confident about whom to go to if they have any problems."

Ofsted 2010

LSU Receives Letter of Congratulations From David Laws MP  

The school was honoured to receive a letter from Liberal Democrat Cabinet Minister David Laws congratulating us on our results in 2014, and especially the level of achievement in pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds.

"...the percentage of your pupils achieving five or more A*-C grade GCSEs (or equivalent), including English and mathematics GCSEs, shows that you are one of the top100 performing non-selective state funded schools in England. Finally, your school has also proven to be one of the top 90 in England showing the greatest sustained improvement in the percentage of pupils achieving [from disadvantaged backgrounds]."

 This is an outstanding achievement for the school, but more importantly, it shows we are doing exactly the right thing by our pupils.

Well done to all the staff and the pupils from the last three Year 11 cohorts. 



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