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"The quality of relationships among students, and with staff, is exceptionally good."

Ofsted 2010

"Students have an excellent feeling for what is right and wrong as a result of the school's Christian ethos."

Ofsted 2010

"Attendance is high and students display a strong commitment to hard work."

Ofsted 2010

"Students feel extremely safe and entirely confident about whom to go to if they have any problems."

Ofsted 2010

Welcome from the Headteacher


Welcome to La Sainte Union.  We are a Catholic Girls' 11-18 school, with boys joining us in the Sixth Form as part of the LaSwap consortium. Our Catholic identity is at the core of all we do, and we strive to provide a caring and secure environment in which each pupil can achieve and realise his or her own potential. 

We aim to develop a strong community among our pupils, parents, governors and staff, so that each one feels a sense of belonging, and a deep commitment to our Gospel values of tolerance, respect and compassion. We aim to promote a culture of service to others, and the enhancement of leadership skills, so that with our school council and other student committees we work together to continually improve our school.  

At La Sainte Union, we are very proud of the excellent achievements of our pupils, in their outstanding public examination results, the trophies they are awarded on the sports fields and the wonderful music concerts and liturgies in which they participate. The staff offer a broad range of extra curricular activities and trips, so that pupils can develop their own talents and aspirations beyond the classroom to prepare for the adult world.  

I do hope you are able to find the information about the school you require and thank you for visiting our website.   


Mrs. Maureen WilliamsHeadteacher

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